Western Australia's "Internet of Things" Resource

Listed below are links to some handy software that will make your life in the Internet of Things an easier experience.
Arduino This is the manufacturer's IDE that is used to create sketches and upload them to Arduino devices. It used C++ as the coding language. Get Software
Autodesk A great free program for beginners to learn how to draw 3D models. Get Software
Blender Blender is a free open source 3D modelling program. It is extremely powerful but may be challenging for a beginner. Get Software
DipTrace A great utility for creating PCB layouts. It does cost money but has different pricing options Get Software
Psyco Psyco will speed up the execution of Python code. Get Software
Python Python is a programming language that is used by ReplicatorG. You will need to install this if you use replicatorG Get Software
ReplicatorG This software will convert your objects to GCode. You can move and scale objects for printing as well as adjust speed, temperature and flow rates. The software can also export to x3g and s3g formats if you use SD cards to print. Get Software
Rhinoceros A great program for 3D modelling. Get Software
SketchUp A free tool for creating 3D models Get Software